O365 Teams Quick Start Guides & Videos


Getting started with Teams:

Teams Quick Guide (PDF)

Introduction to Teams (1:41)


Creating and Managing Teams:

Create or Join a Team (1:06)

Manage Team Members (1:34)

Navigate your Teams space (2:00)


Creating and Grading Teams Assignments:

Create, Track, and Review Assignments in Class Teams (1:00)

6 Tips for Assigning and Grading (1:57)

Speed Grade Assignments (1:32)


Working Together in Teams:

Adding Zoom to Teams (PDF)

Work with a Team in Channels (1:08)

Stay Connected with Conversations (1:22)

Conduct Meetings (1:33)

Make a Big Impact with Announcements (1:22)

Share and Collaborate with Files (1:12)

Use the Notebook and Teams Together (0:51)


Doing More with Teams:

Blur your background in a Teams Meeting (PDF)

Personalize your Teams with Apps (0:54)

Organize Your Team’s Notes and Resources with OneNote (0:51)

Better together: Add EDU Partners to your Team Sites (9:49)

Use Immersive Reader in Assignments (0:49)

Integrate Microsoft Forms within your Team (1:04)


Teams Chats, Calls, and Meetings:

Start Chats and Calls (1:10)

Please Note: Calls currently not available in District.

Create Instant Meetings with Meet Now (2:11)

Manage Meetings (2:03)

Show Your Screen During a Meeting (0:47)

Show PowerPoint Slides in a Meeting (0:39)

Move Around During a Teams Meeting (0:51)


Create, Post and Send Messages in Teams:

Create and Format Messages (1:01)

Get Attention with @mentions (0:52)

Save a Message (0:51)


Upload, Storing and Find Files in Teams:

Upload and Share Files (1:07)

Find and Filtering Files (0:51)


Explore Apps and Tools in Teams:

Add Tools with Tabs (2:08)

Turn Files into Tabs (0:49)

Use the Command Box (1:31)


Manage your Teams Activity Feed:

Filter your Activity Feed (0:52)

Manage Notification Settings (0:49)


Manage your Teams on the Go:

Activity Feed on the G0 (0:39)

Join a Meeting on the G0 (0:40)

Manage Assignments on a Mobile Device (PDF)


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