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AP Coronavirus Updates from the College Board (2021)

EHS Email Updates:

AP Student Information EHS Update (05.06.21)

Student Preparation Resources:

Digital Exam Overview (2021)
Digital Exam Overview Video (2021)
Preview Digital AP Exams (2021)
Four Steps to Take Digital Exams (2021)
AP Digital Testing Guide
The Exam Day Experience and AP Exam Demo (2021)
AP Course Pacing Guides: January–April (2021)
Exam Calendar (2021)
What to Bring on Exam Day for Digital Exams (2021)
Exam Calculator Policy
Exam Terms and Conditions (2021)
Taking Digital Exams (2021)
Submitting Makeup Digital Exam Requests in My AP (2021)

Important Information & Websites: (2021)
AP Daily: Live Review (2021)

Additional Information:

Digital Exam Security Policies (2021)
AP Exam Accommodations (2021)
Technical Requirements for Digital AP Exams (2021)
Frequently Asked Questions (2021)

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