Zoom Quick Start Guides and Videos


Getting Started With Zoom:

Zoom Meeting (0:45)

Zoom Quick Start Guide (pdf)

Join a Meeting (1:09)

Zoom’s Desktop App (3:02)

Zoom Virtual Background (3:33)


Scheduling & Hosting Zoom Meetings:

Schedule a Meeting with the Zoom Website (1:07)

Schedule a Meeting with Outlook  (0:52)

Assign Scheduling Privileges in Outlook (5:02)

Schedule & Host Zoom Meetings from O365 Teams (2:15)

Zoom Meeting Controls (10:16)


Zoom Webinars:

Zoom Webinar (0:47)

All About Zoom Webinar (58:59)

Schedule a Zoom Webinar (1:14)


Zoom Audio, Video, & Sharing:

Joining & Configuring Audio & Video (1:42)

Recording a Zoom Meeting (1:35)

Sharing Your Screen (1:11)

Sharing Multiple Screens Simultaneously (1:42)

Sharing Your Screen in a Meeting (pdf)

Zoom Recording Playback w/ Audio, Screenshare, & Transcription (1:28)


Zoom Rooms:

Zoom Room (1:30)

All About Zoom Rooms (50:46)

Zoom Rooms Direct Sharing (1:35)

Zoom Room Feature Enhancements (3:18)

Video Breakout Rooms (3:18)


Zoom Waiting Rooms:

Zoom Waiting Rooms (1.09)

Zoom Meeting with Breakout Group (33:11)

Using Waiting Rooms to Manage Office Hours & Drop-In Visitor Times (4.28)


Zoom Phone App:

Zoom Phone: app overview (2:01)

Zoom Phone: new account setup (1:52)

Zoom Mobile Meetings (0:52)

Zoom Mobile Sharing (0.37)


Zoom EDU Videos:

Configuring Zoom Waiting Rooms with the Zoom Portal (2:20)

Zoom (In Meeting) Waiting Rooms for Virtual Classrooms (2.12)

Turn on Participant Share Screen Option in Zoom Portal (0:32)

Turn on Sharing Controls Within Meeting (0:34)

Screen Share & Annotation (4:52)


Zoom 101 Videos:

Signing Up & Downloading Meeting Client (2:23)

Securing your Meetings & Virtual Classrooms (6.35)

Zoom Polling in a Meeting (2:16)


Zoom Additional Resources:

Zoom Downloads (weblink)

Zoom Group Messaging (51:20)

Zoom Virtual Background (3:33)

Improve Your Virtual Presentation Skills (36:04)


Additional Zoom “How To” Quick Guide Videos:

Zoom’s Desktop App (3:02)

Update Your Zoom Client(0:58)

Real Time Conference Room Alerts (1:33)

Zoom Meeting Security Toolbar Icon for Hosts (1:06)


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