Center Pepin Elementary Schools

Center Pepin Elementary Schools are located across the street from each other. We offer a fantastic place for students to learn in grades K-4.
At Center Pepin we believe that the students come first! We want our classrooms to be student-centered and want a school culture where everyone loves to learn and feels safe to take risks.

Latest News & Updates


  • EPS October Menus (10/1/2021)
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  • EPS Routine COVID Safety Checks (9/30/2021)
    Routine Covid Safety Checks
    To participate in the program, you must sign up on behalf of your student using the link below. There is no charge for participating.
    1. Please visit http//
    2. Select “Consent
    3. Select our district: “Easthampton“.
    4. Then select your child’s school.
    If you have additional questions
    regarding the program or need assistance completing the form, please contact Jean Libby at or 413-529-1500 x142.
  • EPS Bus Route Update (8/30/2021)
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  • Champions Program (4/21/2021)

  • Pioneer Valley Excellence in Teaching Awards (3/22/2021)
    It is with great excitement that I announce the winners of this year’s Pioneer Valley Excellence in Teaching Awards to you. 
    Easthampton is proud to have two winners this year:
    Jill Collins, Grade 4 Teacher at Center Pepin Elementary
    Margaret Betts, Grade 4 Teacher at Maple Elementary School
    Congratulations to both exceptional teachers, who managed to shift their classrooms to remote learning in monumental ways – really engaging with every student and building a strong classroom community.  Beyond that, each educator was also praised by colleagues for their impact beyond the classroom.  Jill Collins collaborated to start a Social Justice PLC (Professional Learning Community) and has been instrumental in securing resources and tools for all grades in this important work.  Margaret Betts has worked tirelessly to support educators this year pivot to online tools specifically around mathematics.
    Both educators will be recognized by the Grinspoon Foundation in a virtual celebration this spring.
    Please join me in congratulating these exceptional Easthampton educators!
    One final thought:   I would be remiss not to mention all the amazing educators in Easthampton who have taken on the challenge of remote learning this year and soared.  Their support of colleagues, relationships with families, problem-solving attitudes and complete dedication make them all winners!
  • Mr. Monte’s Elementary Music Class (3/21/2021)

    Students from Easthampton Elementary Schools share their rendition of this popular song for the Children’s Advocacy Center of Hampshire County!

  • Center Pepin Dismissal Map (3/16/2021)
  • EPS Social Media Communication (1/2/2020)
    As we head into the new school year you can see what is happening at your student’s school by following their Facebook pages.
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