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  • EHS Student Clubs & Organizations Sign-up Form (9/24/2020)
  • EHS Announcement (9/24/2020)

    Seniors and juniors! Representatives from colleges are holding virtual meetings for any interested EHS students. To see which colleges are holding meetings on which days, click on the EHS Events Calendar on the left side of the page. Click on the college visit to get access to the Zoom link.

  • EHS Student Materials Pick up Procedure (9/23/2020)

    Here is a quick video on picking up materials this week.
    Come in any time during the following days & times:
    Wednesday, 9/23: 7:00-5:00
    Thursday, 9/24: 7:00-6:00
    Friday, 9/25: 7:00-3:00

  • EHS Remote Daily Schedule, 2020-2021 (9/11/2020)
    07:45-08:45 A Block
    08:45-09:15 A Block Flex
    09:15-10:15 B Block
    10:15-10:39 B Block Flex
    10:39-11:06 Lunch/CTEC Transition
    11:06-11:30 C Block Flex
    11:30-12:30 C Block
    12:30-01:35 D Block
    01:35-2:00 D Block Flex
  • EHS Remote Half-Day Schedule (9/11/2020)
    07:45-08:30 A Block
    08:30-09:45 A Flex
    08:45-09:30 B Block
    09:30-09:45 B Flex
    09:45-10:30 C Block
    10:30-10:45 C Flex
    10:45-11:30 D Block
    11:30-11:45 D Flex

    EHS % days: 10/28/20, 11/12/20, 11/13/20, 12/9/20, 12/10/20, 2/10/21, 3/10/21 , 3/18/21, 3/19/21 , 4/7/21 , 5/5/21 , 6/16/21

  • EHS Opportunity for Seniors! (9/10/2020)


    Hello seniors and senior caregivers,

    We are thrilled to bring our families and students a new service offering going into the new school year.  We have signed up our school to have access to College Guidance Network, a virtual programming network specializing in demystifying the college admissions process.

    The full ten-episode series will provide you with expert advice on the college admissions process. Topics include how to create a balanced school list, write an effective essay and apply for financial aid.  They will even take you behind the scenes to see how admissions committees actually work! Take a closer look at the full schedule of programming and speakers on their programming page. 

    The first episode will air live on Wednesday, September 16 at 7:00 PM ET: “Admissions in the time of COVID” to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on college admissions with the most up-to-date details.

    Panelists are, Kate Cassino, CEO of Hobsons (Naviance); Lee Coffin, Dean of Admissions at Dartmouth; Bob Bardwell, Executive Director of Massachusetts School Counselor Association; and Nick Ducoff, author of “Better Off After College”, and Emily Roper-Doten, Dean of Admission & Financial Aid, Olin College of Engineering.

    The discussion will include:

    • How families can make the best choices in a rapidly changing environment
    • Changes to the Common App
    • Changing test policies
    • The increasing importance of essays
    • Financial aid implications
    • How colleges’ institutional incentives may affect families

    The discussion will be moderated by Lana Wong, Communications Lead from The Education Commission.

    Zoom link to join the live webinar on September 16
    Passcode: 614954

    You don’t need to take any action to register or sign-up for the episodes, I will share the Zoom link with you to view each episode prior to the airing date so you can add them to your family calendar. The episodes will also be posted to College Guidance Network website for later viewing.

    EHS Counseling Department

  • EHS Materials Pick Up Schedule (9/2/2020)


    Hello EHS Caregivers & Students:

    In this email, I want to provide you with information on how students will be able to pick up their textbooks and other materials for their fall semester classes.

    To begin, we will be doing distribution of materials in two rounds.

    • The first round will be September 9, 10, and 11 for classes that need materials during the first week of school.
    • The second round will be September 23, 24, and 25 for classes that can wait to have materials distributed.

    The rest of this email will discuss the pick-ups for the first round only.

    To begin, students will need to know their fall schedule, which is available through Power School. If you cannot access your schedule through PS, a hard copy will be coming in the mail and should arrive by Saturday (Tuesday at the latest). Take a look at the chart below. If you have any of these teachers/classes during any of these blocks, then you will need to pick up materials during the first round.

     A Bock  B Block  C Block  D Block
    Ms. Carr, English Ms. Mason, Early Ch. Prac. 1 Ms. Mason, Early Ch. Prac., 2, 3, 4 Ms. Mason, Intro. To Early Childhood
    Ms. Jacobson, English 11 Dr. Checa, AP Stats Ms. Carr, Study Skills Mr. B Brown, AP Psych.
    Mr. B. Brown, AP Psych Ms. Madera, English 12 Ms. Jacobson, English 11 Ms. Taylor, Math Lit.
    Mr. Orne, US Hist. 1 Ms. Bonsignore, Eng. 9 Ms. Taylor, Algebra 1 Ms. Madera, English 9
    Ms. Taylor, AP Calculus Ms. K. Brown, We The People Ms. Pawlus, Ill. & Beyond Ms. Bonsignore, English 9
    Ms. Pawlus, 2D Art Ms. Pasek, Biology Ms. Madera, English 9 Mr. Uliasz, Band
    Ms. Bonsignore, English 10 Mr. Uliasz, School of Rock Ms. Pasek, Anat. & Phys.
    Ms. K. Brown, AP US Hist. Ms. K. Brown, AP US Hist.
    Ms. Pasek, Anat. & Phys.

    If you have any of these classes, you should come to the HS during the times listed below to pick up your class materials.  Please note that these are not divided by grade, like we did for the Chromebooks.  The chart represents all grades.  Pick-up can be done by the student or the caregiver.

    Wednesday, 9/9  Thursday, 9/10  Friday, 9/11
    8:00-11:00  Last names A-Co Last names Ge-Le Last names Pe-Sm
    12:00-3:00 Last names Cr-Ga Last names Li-Pa Last names So-Z

    When you come to the HS:

    • Please wear a mask through the entire procedure
    • Family units may come together
    • Please bring some kind of bag/backpack to carry the materials
    • You will come in the main doors (the ones to the far right)
    • You will then proceed directly to the gymnasium, where a staff member will check you in and give you directions.
    • After getting the materials, you will go to the back of the gym, where a second staff person will do the check-out.
    • You will then be directed to exit out to the side of the building (the exit near the fitness room).  Staff members and signs will direct you.

    There are a lot of moving parts to this, and I appreciate that it might be confusing. Please feel free to email myself or Ms. Welson if you have any questions about any of these directions. A separate email will be sent about the second round of distribution as we near those dates. Thank you so much for your patience and your ongoing cooperation!


    Bill Evans

    EHS Principal

  • Special Education Update (8/17/2020)
  • EHS Achievement Announcement (7/28/2020)


    Congratulations to Class of 2020 members Kyla Roy and Sean Sabourin! Both were selected by the MBCA (Massachusetts Basketball Coaches Association) to be Western Mass representatives for the Academic All-State Team.

  • Amherst College (7/27/2020)

  • EHS Graduation, Class of 2020 !! (7/10/2020)

  • EHS Structural Racism Video Series (7/9/2020)


    We are very pleased to present a series of video lessons on Structural Racism in America, presented by EHS Social Studies teacher, Brian Brown.

    Each video looks at specific eras or concepts related to racist policies and actions in our nation’s history. Each video is between 20 and 30 minutes.

    As our nation grapples with issues of race and racism in our country, it is our obligation to be as informed as we can be. This series will help you understand where we came from, and how we got to this place.

    We begin with the first four videos, and more videos will be added on a regular basis.

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  • MCAS Update (4/14/2020)
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  • EPS Remote Learning Plan (4/2/2020)
  • BOARD OF HEALTH ORDER (3/31/2020)
  • School Closure Notice (3/14/2020)