Pear Deck Training For Staff

Getting Started with Pear Deck (03:03)

Create a Pear Deck Lesson (02:03)

Add Pear Deck Questions to an Existing Lesson (02:52)

Presenting a Pear Deck (02:32)

Managing Student Responses (04:05)

How to Use the Slide Library (02:35)

What Does Student Mode Mean? (02:58)

Capture Teachable Moments (01:51)

Inviting Students to Join your Session (03:17)

Immersive Reader Integration, Beta Feature (01:22)

Using Pear Deck & Google Meet for Remote Learning (02:21)

Remote Instruction: Get Set-Up for Success (02:06)

Remote Instruction: Running Your Class Synchronously (03:32)

Remote Instruction: Ending Your Class (02:10)

Add Audio to Pear Deck Slides (02:49)

Giving Teacher Feedback with Pear Deck (03:45)

Launch Sessions Quickly with Pear Deck Pop-Up Activities (01:44)

Asynchronous Learning with Pear Deck Student Paced Mode (03:47)

Create Classroom Magic with Pear Deck and Teacher Dashboard! (0:47)

How to lead a Student-Paced lesson or activity in Pear Deck (0:46)

Professional Development with Pear Deck (03:47)

Quick Tip! Temperature Check (01:06)

Prepear to Share! (02:47)

Pear Deck Webinar January 2020 (27:06)