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Getting started with PowerTeacher Pro

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Getting Started with PowerTeacher Pro:
PowerTeacher Pro Quick Start Guide (pdf)
PowerTeacher Pro User Guide (pdf)


Getting Started:
Navigating PowerTeacher Pro (pdf)
Getting Ready for Report Cards (pdf)
Tips and Tricks (pdf)


Create Categories and Assignments:
Create a Category (pdf)
Working with Assignments (pdf)
Create Assignments (pdf)


Assignment List (pdf)
PowerSchool Learning Assignments (pdf)
Copy Assignments (pdf)
Copy Scores and Grades (pdf)
Importing and Exporting Scores (pdf)
Entering Scores and Comments (pdf)
Scoresheet (pdf)
Categories (pdf)


Traditional Grades (pdf)
Standard Grades (pdf)
Comment Verification (pdf)
Category Totals (pdfs)
All reporting Terms (pdf)
Final Grade Status (pdf)
Recalculating Grades and Refresh (pdf)


Class Overview (PDF)


Students (pdf)
Student Assignment (pdf)
Student Standard Progress (pdf)
Student Standards Progress Graph (pdf)
Transfer Scores (pdf)
Comment Log (pdf)
Demographics (pdf)
Quick Look Up – Traditional (pdf)
Quick Look Up – Standards (pdf)


Standards Grades Progress (pdf)
Standards Progress Report (pdf)
Additional Grades Progress (pdf)
Professional Judgment Indicator (pdf)


PowerSchool Assessment and PowerSchool Analytics (pdf)


Working with Reports (pdf)
Individual Student Report (pdf)
Multifunction Assessment Report (pdf)
Scoresheet Report (pdf)
Student Roster Report (pdf)


Student Grade Scales (pdf)
Class Descriptions (pdf)
Comment Bank (pdf)
Display Settings (pdf)
Grade Calculation Types (pdf)
Traditional Grade Calculations (pdf)
Copying Traditional Grade Calculations (pdf)
Standards Grades Calculations (pdf)