Read&Write Training For Staff


Getting Started with Read& Write Literacy Tool Bar:

Quick Reference Guide (Printable PDF)

A “How To” Guide For Students (2:46)

Text to Speech (1:39)

Check It (1:09)

Prediction (1:18)

Screenshot Reader (1:16)

Screen Masking (1:21)

Collect Highlights(1:05)

Vocabulary (1:03)

Voice Notes (1:21)

Speech Input Overview (1:27)

Audio Maker (0:50)

Simplify (1:25)

Practice Reading Aloud Overview (1:44)

PDF Reader in G Suite (4:54)

Assessments Overview (2:30)

PDF Reader Settings – Student Guide (1:51)

Read&Write for Education (2:06)

Feature Overview (18:13)

Google Classroom Integration (1:48)

PDF Reader Settings Teacher Guide (2:06)

Webinar: Support the Literacy Needs of all your Students with Read&Write

Webinar: Making PDFs Accessible and Collaborative