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With a student body of over 400 students, the staff of White Brook Middle School is committed to a middle school model that supports the growth and development of students from elementary to high school. Our focus is on increasing achievement for all students. We recognize the need to both strengthen the academic core and establish a caring, supportive environment that values each individual’s gifts and talents. We support our students through a social growth model called the Virtues Project, a team approach to academic development, and an elective experience in art, music, health, physical education and world language.
Our staff is committed to establishing high expectations, creating an engaging learning environment, and accommodating individual learning styles. We understand the importance of working with families as partners in educating our youth, and hope you will contact teachers and administrators to learn more about how you can support your child’s growth and development.

Latest News & Updates

  • WBMS Honor Roll 2020-2021 (7/1/2021)
  • EPS Grab & Go Menus (7/1/2021)
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  • Chartwells Summer Grab & Go Free Meal Program (6/21/2021)

  • WBMS Monthly Newsletters (5/25/2021)
  • WBMS Traffic Plan (5/21/2021)
  • Let’s Send Easthampton Kids to Camp! (4/21/2021)
    After a long year of remote and hybrid school, Easthampton kids are itching for a fun and enriching summer away from the stress of the classroom. At the same time, the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have made it harder for families, parents, and caregivers to provide those activities. Our area has some great camp options, but the high cost makes them inaccessible for many children in our district.
    The Easthampton Learning Foundation (ELF) is asking YOU to partner with us to fund camperships for Easthampton Public Schools (EPS) students. Our goal is to match ELF’s $5,000 gift with an equal amount from our community.  Together, we can help provide some great summer experiences for our city’s children.
    What are camperships?
    A grant given to a family to cover the cost of attending a summer camp.
    How will campers be identified?
    EPS already supports some students to allow them to attend summer camp, but the number of children who can benefit is limited by the funding available.  EPS uses a fair and equitable process to determine which students can most benefit from a campership and works with their caregivers to match them to available camp opportunities.
    What is the cost of camps?
    Local camps cost between $250-300 weekly.
    Thank you so much for considering supporting these efforts!
    Go Fund Me Page:
  • WHY IS EPS POOL TESTING? (4/1/2021)
    The Easthampton Public Schools are welcoming students back full time over the coming month. A layered approach to mitigation, including protocols such as masks, hand washing, and physical distancing are in place and have been proving effective in minimizing risk of COVID-19 transmission among students and staff. To enhance these essential mitigation strategies, Easthampton Public Schools will be providing voluntary pool testing to students and staff. Pool testing allows school districts to quickly identify and isolate asymptomatic individuals. By participating in pool testing EPS will have another tool to stop the spread of COVID-19 within our buildings and throughout the community. Having a high number of participants in pool testing will provide a better understanding of the presence of COVID-19 and maximize our ability to remain open and to bring more students into the building.

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    Student Pooled Testing Sign up – Easthampton Public Schools (epsd.us)
  • Please join our Pooled Testing Program! (3/24/2021)
    Easthampton Public Schools has elected to participate in the six-week Pooled Testing Program offered by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Pool testing is PCR testing by mixing several test samples together in a “batch” or “pool” and then testing the sample for SARS-CoV-2 virus. 

    Registrations are accepted at any time during the 6 week program; registration for the week of pooled testing closes on prior Friday at noon.
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  • WBMS 7th & 8th Grade 2020-2021 Honor Roll (3/23/2021)
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    Trimester 1 Honor Roll
    Trimester 2 Honor Roll
  • WBMS In person Learning Information (2/17/2021)
  • WBMS Hybrid Information Letter (2/10/2021)
  • WBMS Reopening Hybrid Model FAQ (2/3/2021)
  • WBMS Remote Schedules (10/26/2020)
  • WBMS Art Slide Show (8/3/2020)

  • Mr. Abild’s Fishing Derby Results! (5/13/2020)
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    Trout: 1st Aiden Subocz, 2nd Michael Theriault, 3rd Mr. Abild
    Bass: 1st Aiden Subocz, 2nd Jason Sigda, 3rd Jason Sigda
    Pumpkin Seed: 1st Aiden Subocz, 2nd Brook Piziak, 3rd Michael Theriault
    Pickerel: No Fish Caught
    Congratulations to all!

  • WBMS Misses You!! (4/21/2020)

    White Brook, we miss you!

    Posted by White Brook Middle School on Sunday, April 19, 2020

  • WBMS 2019 Report Card (2/27/2020)

    To view the Massachusetts Department of Elementary And Secondary Education 2019 White Brook Middle School Report Card for Easthampton Public Schools- Select Here

  • EPS Social Media Communication (1/2/2020)
    As we head into the new school year you can see what is happening at your student’s school by following their Facebook pages.
    Easthampton Public Schools
    Easthampton Public Schools Twitter Handle @EasthamptonPK12
    Center Pepin Elementary School
    Maple Elementary School 
    White Brook Middle School
    Easthampton High School Eagles
  • Check out why families love the Strengthening Families Program (1/1/2020)
    Check out why families love the Strengthening Families 10-14 program. For Further Information: www.easthamptoncoalition.org
  • WBMS Wishing Ms. Vanasse a Very Happy, Last, First Day of School!! (9/5/2019)