Core Values and Beliefs:


Nurture Value: Nurturing a Safe Inclusive and accepting Environment (social) EHS community believes… Students learn best when they feel safe, both physically and emotionally, in a supportive, positive and affirming environment. Diversity and equality are valued and all are embraced through collective responsibility.


Encourage Value: Encourage Complex Learning with a Growth Mindset (academic) EHS community believes… All students can engage in complex learning when given high expectations, appropriate supports and the opportunity to engage in relevant 21st century learning. Perseverance, risk-taking, self-assessment and academic integrity are skills necessary for developing a growth mindset. Students learn best when they are in an environment that models, encourages and practices growth mindset and can take an active role in their learning, discipline and future goals.


Support Value: Supporting School and Community Engagement (civic) EHS community believes… Students will feel included, safe and valued when they take an active role in the classroom, school, and community.


Together Value:

Together we Teach and Learn with Respect and Effective Practices EHS community believes… Students learn best when faculty and staff engage in research-based, reflective, inclusive, and collaborative practices around teaching and learning. Students learn best when respect is embedded in school culture.

Learner Expectations (categories which would be defined with measurable indicators)


Engaged Collaborative, Reflective and Flexible Learner Demonstrates collaboration and flexibility and is self-reflective in an inclusive environment.


Active and Complex Thinker Solves complex problems with multiple steps by accessing prior knowledge, choosing an appropriate method and using higher order thinking.


Growth Mindset Learner Approaches learning tasks with a growth mindset that emphasizes effort, perseverance and skill over intelligence and innate ability. (e.g. revisions, retakes, staying for help, asking questions, taking risks, strategizing, selfassessing skills, not self-deprecating, using growth mindset language-yet, remediating assignments)


Logical, Effective and Creative Communicator Communicates with clarity, creativity, and focus with consideration of audience.


Empathetic Community Member Actively engages in and contributes to the school, virtual and/or local communities. Respects and keeps an open mind about other points of view.


Skilled Consumer/Processor of Information Uses multiple forms of media, including technology, as a resource to access, analyze, and evaluate information, foster creativity, enhance communication and increase productivity.