The K-8 Equity Steering Committee Update:

PDF Download of Update

The Equity Steering Committee is comprised of students, teachers, administrators, and parents from the Easthampton elementary and middle schools. We’ve been tasked to envision our new preK-8 community.

This envisioning process asks us to consider all facets of a truly inclusive school community.

Collaboratively, we have utilized a framework that requires us to:

  • Design at the margins- to ensure access to learning and success of all members of our community by planning for marginalized groups (students of color, individuals with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ+ community, students of poverty, English learners, and other protected group members) thus benefitting all
  • Start with yourself- to consider our own implicit bias, recognizing how bias impacts student learning and outcomes
  • Cede power- to ensure that all voices are heard, especially student voice, so that power is held by all
  • Make the invisible visible- to know and understand the historical narrative (story) and the design of our systems as well as the intentional and/or unintentional impact of those systems
  • Speak to the future- to engage and invest in the ongoing process of envisioning, this being the culture of a community that values equity





Social Justice and Equity Resources: