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Congratulations to our 2nd Trimester Honor Roll recipients!

Grade 7 - 1st Honors   Grade 7 - 2nd Honors
Askew, Avery   Baer, Keegan
Bock, Amelia   Bixby, Tommy
Collins, Piper   Buscan Chumaina, Yainalya
Dahlquist, Cody   Carson, Luke
Doubleday, Jackson   Clark, Carson
Geddis, Noah   Coady, Lewin
Guertin, Olivia   Concepcion, Gregory
Kellogg, Sieanna   Corsello, Camilla
Kmetz, Tanner   D'Amours, Alexander
Koen, Fern   Jenks, Guinevere
Koval, Kathryn   Kalin, Evan
Loring, Maeve   Kellogg, Noah
Magee, Jake   Landis, April
Melanson, Cindel   Marks, Rosie
O'Connell, Lily   Martin, Milo
Robinson, James   McGinn-Stevens, Bryce
Routhier, Summer   Menendez, Egan
Sanchez, Alivia   Skowron, Jack
Skowron, Brooke   Ulrick, Landon
Tetreault, Luc   Winsor, Katie
Trolenberg, Tyler   Wyman, William
Grade 8 - 1st Honors   Grade 8 - 2nd Honors
Bachmann-Baez, Michael   Baez, Daniela
Brooks, Lauren   Cooper-Baez, Iyana
Chartier, Brianna   Crespo Juarbe, Yahel
Counter, Lauren   Dorman, Kyleigh
Halfacre, Leia   Favorite, Aiden
Mateo, Leila   Incampo, Anthony
Oparowski, Oliver   Lloyd, Jagger
Price, Ravi   Ma Huang, Jien Ke
Robare, Emma   Meyers, Sommer
Yankson, Tyra-Sheen   Mistark, Dylan
    O'Connor, Brayden
    Patel, Krish
    Stortz, Emma
    Theriault, Michael
    Youmell, Maddie
    Young, Samone

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